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Phytostat 9

Emollient Treatment Moisturiser
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Emollient treatment moisturiser that increases moisture content, calms, nourishes and provides antioxidant protection. Say goodbye to the expense and inconvenience of separate day, night, neck and eye creams and say hello to Phytostat 9™, the 4 in 1, intelligent cream that adjusts to the specific needs of your skin 24/7 to dramatically restore vital moisture reserves, ward off the visible signs of ageing and cosmetically correct the effects of time in no time at all.

Key ingredients:

  • Shea Butter - Hydrate and relieve with antioxidant benefits.
  • Jojoba Oil - Reduce dryness, roughness, flakiness and increase skin firmness.
  • Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil - Rich in antioxidants such as beta carotene and vitamins A, C and E. Promotes skin hydration, elasticity, and skin regeneration, and even helps treat and prevent acne. Great for Rosacea, dry skin and post peel.